Ensuring that each individual is understood, accepted and valued as a unique learner and productive citizen

SEAC, Special Education Advocacy and Consulting Services, provides special education advocacy services to parents of children with special needs and we offer consulting services on a range of related issues to families, organizations, school districts and businesses.

Parents and children often can benefit from specialized assistance when attempting to navigate the complex public education system today. Even though it is an overwhelming process for most parents, it becomes even more difficult for parents whose child demonstrates a school or learning problem.

Businesses and organizations too can benefit from a clear, effective and compassionate strategy for recruiting, training and employing individuals with disabilities. Why? It has been proven time and again that providing a workplace that embraces all individuals ensures that every employee has the ability to do their best work every day.

With passion, understanding and commitment, we provide assistance to families, organizations, businesses and school districts that seek to help all individuals reach their full potential.